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Tradeshow Display Company Information

Read about three of the Big Three tradeshow display company products below:

The marketing description for each tradeshow display company is taken directly from the website of each of these BIG display companies.


Read on.

Skyline is dedicated to providing you, not only the best possible exhibit, but the best overall exhibiting experience – from partnering to create a great design to managing your exhibiting assets year after year.

Nomadic Display, the world's leading producer of Portable & Modular Custom Displays & Trade Show Exhibits. Whether you are researching your first display purchase or looking to update your existing booth,

Nomadic has a complete line of products to creatively present your message, and a full range of services to support you after the sale.

Nimlok is a leading international provider of solutions for the display and trade show industry.

Our products include custom exhibits, modular exhibits, portable exhibits, pop-up displays, visual communication systems, banners and full service graphics. Services include exhibit design, installation and dismantle, exhibit rental and storage and exhibit management services.

Nimlok is a total solution provider with a national and international distributor network providing global exhibit and display support.

Do they look different to you?

Me neither.

Then the question is how do you know if you have a good relationship with a good tradeshow display company and are getting a great return on your trade show marketing money?

Today, lots of companies can manufacture a booth.

So where is the value add?

Is it in the services? The skill? The customer service? The attention to detail?The innovation?

As in any vendor relationship I suggest you spend some time each year and do a quick vendor review.

Are you still getting the value you expect?

Trade Show Marketing Tip

From here on in you are reading an excerpt from The World's Most Powerful Trade Show Marketing Guide.

What is Your Dress Code?

Ensure you have a booth uniform. It can be from the simple blue shirt and tan pants level up to a set of custom shirts with custom logos. But everyone should be part of the ‘show brand.'

One of the best show brands I saw was at a technology show in the middle of the dot com era.

The company was McAfee and the product was anti-virus software. In an exhibit hall with hundreds of competitors, they were dressed as doctors and nurses. Their corporate colors were white and red. Their booth was memorable.

You may not have to go to that extreme but you do want to avoid everyone just showing up in the same clothes they would wear to the office.

The typical solution is to have a golf shirt or polo shirt made with the logo on it. The people are as much a part of the booth brand as the signage is. Make sure they belong.

As an added benefit, you may take advantage of a great company name, product name, USP, or URL and have it embroidered across the back or down the arm of the shirt.

That way the billboard stands out as it moves around the show floor. Every little bit helps.


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