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Trade Show Apparel Strategies

Your trade show apparel selection can have quite an impact on your show.

In two ways actually.

One, if you select quality, unique, appropriate apparel, you can make a difference.

Conversely, if you select what everyone else has you can blend in quite well with other exhibitors. Not world class marketing.

Two, if you spend more than 1 hour and one person's time on this line item, you are clearly focused on the wrong things.

Trade Show Apparel Selection Pointers

In many organizations your hands are tied as to what you can do with company shirts and logos but if you have some freedom keep these items in mind.

  1. Work with quality only. Don't save your $4 per shirt here. It will show.
  2. Make sure you have more than one shirt per booth staff. If you are in a multi-day show, provide enough shirts. If you don't your sales reps will look like they slept at the train station.
  3. Don't ever, ever, ever take the advice of the trade show apparel sales rep as to most popular item. Why? Because everyone will be wearing it. Be different.
  4. This is not a committee selection item. Time wasting and unfocused. Let someone select and back the selection then direct your energy and discussion on the best strategy or offer or draw.
  5. Make the dress code match the show objective. Not too much - not too little.
  6. Never let anyone carry their show apparel in their checked baggage. Guaranteed this one will bite you if you do enough shows. Baggage is lost. Someone is out of uniform.
  7. Bring extras - see above.
  8. Remember your dress for success lessons. Never dress cheap or dress down. Take the high road and be professional.
  9. Optional - everyone wears the uniform. You can present quite an image with a bold statement.

Trade Show Apparel Suppliers

Branders is one of the larger online promotion companies. They have over 30 main categories of products you can logo for a tradeshow.

Of particular interest is their two categories of patriotic and Made in the USA products.

This is a great site to use for brainstorming. Take a look for ideas. Make sure you get a catalogue!

Trade Show Apparel at


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