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Trade Show Accessories

One thing that is not always obvious are the trade show accessories that can enhance the effectiveness of your booth.

Choosing the right accessories can mean the difference between an ok show and a great one.

Here are some examples of accessories and why they might me usefull.

Lighting. Lighting options are huge. You may be able to get everything you need from your booth supplier but don't be afraid to look elsewhere for more types of lights. More is better in this case. Even floor standing lights can add an ambience.

Sound systems. Your choice of sound systems isn't restricted to only trade show products. You can use a sound system from any source BUT make sure you get something robust enough to travel and small enough to be non-intrusive.

Plasma Panel Displays and TVs. Walk the floor of any show these days and you will see all maners of displays. From $1,000 units up to $10,000. If you are making the investment in a $10,000 display make sure you do more than put up a static powerpooint slide!

Cabinets, Towers, and Jewelery Cases. There are many ways to display an item you bring to a show. Spend some time and consider options to showcase your offering in the best possible light. Don't go overboard and clutter up the booth.

Literature Racks. Before you load up on nice racks (don't forget buy-ship-maintainence costs) to display your literature, spend some time to consider what role the literature will play in your selling or marketing plans. Don't just bring what you have availible. You may end up saving some trade show accessories costs.

You already have a ton of detail choices to make to pull off a great show and you will have twice that many chances to buy more stuff.

But if you keep focused on your show objectives, you will be able to make better choices on your selection of trade show accessories.

Trade Show Marketing Tip

From here on in you are reading an excerpt from The World's Most Powerful Trade Show Marketing Guide.

Add up the Numbers

Calculate total trade show costs. Make a budget for your show. Take a look for more effective or efficient ways to attend.

Seems simple. Right?

Of course you counted the freight. And the duty for shipping to France? And all the staff you have planned? The new graphics? The special giveaways?

The surcharges for missing some deadlines?

You get my point.

You will have lots of room to see a $10,000 show budget turn into more. I saw an article recently which suggested you keep 4% of your budget as a guideline for travel.

I know I can't get two people to New York and back for that.

Be realistic. Pretend you will miss some deadlines and pay the higher rate.

Pretend you will need to replace something in the show city.

As you run more shows you will learn to count all the items and be a better forecaster.


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