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Portable Tradeshow Booths

The number of choices you have to select portable tradeshow booths is staggering!

You have manufacturers, you have distributors, you have models and styles, and you have configurations of the models.

Sitting with 5 product catalogues just doesn't seem to help narrow things down. In fact, it can just make it even more confusing.

On top of that, your choice is something you will be living with for a few years so you don't want to make a snap decision on this one.

Here are the top three things you should consider when buying portable tradeshow booths.

One - Budget.

I like to put this one first simply because so much time can be wasted by having no idea what your are in for.

The range of pricing is also quite wide so you most important consideration is the cap.

The most I will spend on a booth - all in - is $2,500.

That number will help everyone you come in contact with know what to expect.

No point in showing you the BMW if you have a KIA budget.

Two - Your Needs.

The next question you will get from a display rep is what are your needs?

They will want to know your parameters of usage.

Five shows a year. Lots of travel. A big need to be different from the competition.

And so on.

This will also be where you get input from the different companies you deal with.

Pay attention. They may be able to share some good information that help's you consider other strategies you hadn't thought about.

Three - Your Show Objectives.

I can't let a segment go by without talking about your show objectives.

You may have the same goal for each show - say generate sales leads.

Or, you may have different goals for each show. That means you may be using different headlines or graphics for each show and that points to a different booth requirement.

Bottom Line

Don't do this step in a rush. Give yourself time to do some research and find out what options you have.

It takes some time to produce portable tradeshow booths and graphics for the booth so don't plan on this any less than 30 days before the show. (And that is tight!)

Trade Show Marketing Tip

From here on in you are reading an excerpt from The World's Most Powerful Trade Show Marketing Guide.

Get Help from Business Partners, Alliances or Key Suppliers

List possible partner resources that could be shared.

You work with suppliers or partners or resellers in the field all year long.

Can your business partner send a person to demonstrate your product also? Can a client show how they use your product?

Does your business partner have co-op funding to support your exhibiting in a show to sell their products?

Are they going to a show and can you participate in their booth?

I have a client that attends the large industry show every year, and never buys a booth. They take a table in one of their key supplier's booths.

They call customers and prospects by phone in advance of the show and set up face to face meetings. They save a fortune.

List possible sources of co-funding.


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