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5 things you must know before you buy a hot display tabletop unit

So you are focused on a hot display tabletop unit?

You must think of these 5 things before you spend the money.

Point One - What is Your Plan?

Can't stress this enough or in enough places. Trade shows are offered to you to participate in all the time.

Local shows, chamber of commerce shows, industry shows, national shows, related shows, conferences, and on and on.

You must stop before you say yes to any show and ask yourself one question.

What do I hope to gain by going in this show?

Point Two - Who is my target audience?

This is a simple one, if you know who buys your product or service now.

If you don't know for sure, spend some time to ensure you have a clear picture of what your ideal buyer looks like.

Point Three - Will my ideal buyer be at this show?

I put this one in since so many companies miss it and are spending time on display tabletop unit graphic design before it is clear who it is intended for.

Point Four - Will a hot display tabletop unit suit this audience?

NOW you can think about what role a hot display tabletop unit will play for you.

There are many manufacturers who make these units, often with distributors in your area.

Before you call them, know what role the display will play.

For example. My display needs to highlight my company name and logo because everyone in this show will know me and my company.


My display needs to show a headline because I need to have people stop to talk with me if they are in need of my product.


My display needs a stong visual in order to capture as many new people to qualify as possible.


My display needs to make me look different than my competition who will be there.

Your display could be quite different in each of these cases and the more you can explain to your tabletop display vendor the better they can help you.

Point Five - How often will I use this display?

If you plan on using this display unit often you may want to find higher quality product or produce multiple skins to cover.

That way you can have graphics for multiple shows and not compromise your show objectives.


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