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Florist Trade Shows Can Be Hard to Find

How do you go about finding florist trade shows?

Often, I get questioned by businesses on how to select a show. The question usually is: "When and where is the next florist trade show?"

Searching online for a trade show to exhibit in can be a challenge. You can find a specific show online or in a directory of shows if you have heard of a specific show and even know its's name. But you don't know what each show is like.

It is even trickier if you don't know what type of show would be the BEST use of your trade show marketing dollar.

You have a choice of the major international shows (like the Spring Florist Event International in Birmingham or Floristica 2005 in Dresden), national shows, regional shows or even shows from other industries where your prospect might be circulating.

Click here to do an international search for Florist Trade Shows.

The single biggest factor in selecting a trade show is to have a clear written marketing goal that the show can fullfill.

Is it generating leads, announcing a partnership or product, finding a key supplier, or build stronger relationships with clients?

Make sure you resist the temptation to say yes to the first florist trade show event manager that calls you up with a great exhibiting opportunity.

Do your homework first.

Trade Show Marketing Tip

From here on in you are reading an excerpt from The World's Most Powerful Trade Show Marketing Guide.

Hit the World Wide Web.

Your competitors are great. Why? Because they will often post on their websites the shows they are going to attend and exhibit at.

Do some research and see if there are any patterns. Are they all at one show? Or are they spread over many different shows?

Keep in mind that our goal is not to be a lemming and follow the crowd but to compile a list of possible show to exhibit at.

Once you have a list to select from you can start to narrow it down. But the first step is to build the list.

Compile a list of possible shows.


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