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Custom Trade Show Exhibits

Custom Trade Show Exhibits can be expensive.

The choices offered by trade show exhibit builders can be staggering.

By the time you account for the different manufacturers, locations, distributors, styles, and prices your options can become overwhelming.

When you think that the booth is only one aspect of participating in a show, you can easily take your eye of the ball and be caught up in the process of working with custom trade show exhibits.

Five Tips to Select Trade Show Exhibit Builders

ONE: Have a Plan

This step can never be emphasised enough. If you spend the time to know your goals, your timing, your strategies, it will be much easier to get your booth to play a supporting role.

Remember, custom trade show exhibits are not the star of the show.

TWO: Write Some Requirements

At first take, booth requirements seems like too much work.

But you will find the time that it saves you when you start talking to exhibit companies will more than compensate.

Requirements should simply specify your parameters for cost, robustness, shipping capabilities, flexibility for graphic changes, competitive position, and size changes for example.


Keep it simple.

Simple is better.


FOUR: Build a Relationship

Build a relationship with your sales rep.

They will have expertise, experience, and knowledge of what others have done in your situation.

That means the selection of your show rep can be as important as your booth selection.

On top of that, if you end up in a bind because of a short time line or Murphy's Law they can offer some show-saving alternatives (you do have a back up plan in place for BIG problems don't you?)

Trade Show Marketing Tip

From here on in you are reading an excerpt from The World's Most Powerful Trade Show Marketing Guide.

Write a Show Objective Statement.

Keep a written show objective statement handy for your show. Share it with staff and partners and vendors so everyone is on the same page and can support your efforts.

During the show planning stages and the pre-show execution stage, new ideas are then presented against a better show result instead of randomly.

It's much easier to ask people how this will further the show objectives of acquiring 55 qualified leads in stead of debating color preferences for a shirt selection.

Or during the staff training pre-show you now have a tool to keep people focused.

During the show itself you have something to point to during the breakfast meetings to reinforce your goals.

Write and publish your show goals.


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